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How about we look at our bodies and discomforts differently? If we were to assume that we are just right as we are? That we have to do nothing, control, do better, so that we are healthier? Acceptance for the body and the feelings, just as they are at this moment – that is my starting point for a naturopathic treatment. We look together at where you are right now, with all the worries, wishes and sensations that belong to you. Then we go in search of what changes would suit you well and what your body needs to become healthier. I accompany you in loving mindfulness with the intuitive bodywork and in conversation. I select medicinal plants and homeopathic remedies that accompany you in your processes.

In my practice for Holistic Women’s Health I welcome women of all ages and with different backgrounds and life stories. I have experience in the treatment of endometriosis, PCO syndrome, post-pill syndrome, menstrual pain and PMS, cysts, myomas and bladder infections. I also accompany couples who wish to conceive a child, either as an alternative to hormonal treatment or in preparation of an IVF, ICSI or insemination.

For appointments please call me or write me an email, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Hannah Pehlgrimm


Treatment & Cost

At the first appointment we get to know each other – there is ample time to discuss your medical issues and ask questions. We will dive into your personal history and find the connection between your body, your symptoms and your life.  You will then receive your personal herbal recipe and / or a homeopathic remedy to accompany your processes. After 4-6 weeks we see each other for a follow-up appointment (about 60 minutes), where we discuss what has changed. The treatment will be continued as desired. Shorter or longer intervals between appointments are possible.

Treatment costs
First patient appointment: € 150
Follow-up appointments: € 80

Cancellation Policy: An oral or written appointment must be canceled at least 48 hours in advance. In the case of a shorter cancellation deadline, 50% of the fee will be charged, in case of no-show without cancellation 100% of the fee will be charged.


Hannah has been working with women of all ages at her Berlin-based practice for Holistic Women’s Health since 2012. She prescribes individual treatments with homeopathy and herbal medicine for women diagnosed with endometriosis, PCO syndrome or other hormonal dysbalances. She also works with couples who wish to conceive a child but would like to either find an alternative to hormonal fertility treatment or are looking for a natural way to prepare for this procedure. She takes a broader look at each woman’s lifestyle, sources of stress, psychological issues and medical history and how these are intertwined.

Hannah studied homeopathy and herbal medicine at the „Heilpraktikschule in Selbstverwaltung“ in Berlin from 2009 – 2011 and holds an M.A. in Political Science and American Literature from Potsdam University. She has advanced her training through numerous seminars on Women’s Health and assisting at an OB GYN practice.

Hannah lives in Berlin with her partner and two children. 

Practice for Holistic Women's Health

Hannah Pehlgrimm, Naturopath

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Working together with women on finding their individual path to a healthier life is great joy to me. It is wonderful to see how women take on responsibility for themselves and connect to their bodies in a way they might have forgotten.